Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heddon Zaragossa Reproduction

Crooked Bayou Fish Stick
Heddon Zaragossa Reproduction

The Crooked Bayou Fish Stick is a reproduction of the Heddon Zarragossa lure. I will be making and offering only a limited number of these lures in some of the most popular colors/patterns. Each lure is made in the likeness of the original Heddon Zaragossa; including the glass eyes. Handmade wood body of the lure is 4.25 inches;overall lure length is 4.75 inches long. Lure is packed in tissue paper inside handmade box. Only 50 lures this color will be sold in 2009. Each Crooked Bayou Fish Stick is numbered, dated and signed.


Bob Daly said...

Hi Kermett: Thanks for writing on my blog "The Fishing News". Will be heading to Itapara River Jan 22 2010 for peacocks. This will be my 20th year for peacocks. So far largest is 23.5lbs from the Unini. I found out about your lures from Dr. Gary Laden who makes posts on which is by far the best peacock site available.

Thanks again and good fishing

Bob Daly
1633 Central Ave
Whiting, IN 46394

I also write a free fishing newsletter. If you would like to get on my e-mail list, please send me you e-mail address to my e-mail above

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