Monday, February 25, 2013

Fishing Lure Popper Making With Abranet Sanding Discs

I have found another great Abranet sanding product since I first mentioned my discovery of the Abranet sanding strips.
I use a 5 inch disc sander to make the angled face on popper lures. Until recently I had been using a 120 grit conventional sandpaper disc on the disc sander. As with other uses of sandpaper I had the problem of the grit in the sandpaper loading up after sanding only a few popper faces. Even with frequent cleaning with a small wire brush the sanding disc was short lived at best.

After I saw how great the Abranet sanding strips were for sanding lures in the lathe I bought some of the 5 inch Abranet sanding discs to try on the disc sander. Once I received the sanding discs I discovered that they have a hook and loop type attachment and there was no adhesive backing to attach it to the metal face of my 5 inch disc sander. I contacted the site where I purchased the Abranet sanding grip discs and learned that they have a Conversion Pad made just for this. The conversion pad has the adhesive backing to attach to the sander and the Abranet sanding disc attaches to the Conversion Pad.

The Mirka Abranet 5 inch Mesh Grip Disc 100G, Qty. 10 is what I purchased at this Mirka site link;

 The Mirka Conversion Pad - PSA to Grip, 5 inch, Qty 1 is what I purchased at this Mirka site link; 1105, Mirka Conversion Pad - PSA to Grip, 5, Qty 1
You can purchase just 1 conversion pad for as little as $2.73

This Abranet sanding product is self cleaning just like the sanding strips. So far I still have the first Abranet disc I installed on my sander and after making many poppers faces with it there is no sign of wear or buildup.

If you still have not tried your hand at making popper fishing lures here is a link a video I made showing how I make them;
How to Make Mouth in Wooden Popper Lures

Here you can look at the rotary burr cutting tool I use to cut the popper mouths;
Lure Making Parts,Kits,&Tools

Good fishing this spring,
Kermett Adams
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Assemble Deluxe Lure Box With a Hot Glue Gun

Custom Lure Boxes

If you are a lure maker and have searched for a nice box for your lures you know they are almost impossible to find.
I have spent many hours on internet searches or making telephone calls looking for boxes just the right size for the lures that I make. I eventually found a source for the box sizes that I need the most. I have two box sizes that pretty much fits most of my lure size needs. They are 2 x 2 x 6 and 2.5  x 1.50  x 5. This is width x depth x length and these are outside dimensions of the boxes. These are two piece boxes with a top and bottom. They have finger slots on the lid piece to facilitate ease of opening.

These boxes are white inside and out. They have a matte finish on the inside and a smooth satin finish on the outside of the box. The box material is what is known as a high quality  paper stock with a thickness of .023.

These boxes come flat and are not glued together. There are two methods I have used to glue them together. First is a hot glue gun and secondly with a glue tape dispenser. Below I have listed links to videos/slides on demonstrations of gluing the boxes together with both methods.
The glue tape dispenser is a little more costly to get set up but is by far the best way to glue boxes particularly if you are doing a lot of boxes.

After requests from lure customers and others I am offering these boxes for sale for the first time. You can find information how to purchase  them at my eBay store; Sunrise Tackle Store on eBay