Friday, October 7, 2011

True Image-Life Like Spinner Blades

TrueImage™ - Most life-like blades ever!!

The TrueImage™ era is here! – Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further. Boasting the most life-like fish patterns available to date, these top of the line blades are intended for the most demanding
anglers. Actual photographs of fish have been transferred to the lures, ensuring they are an identical replica of the real thing. The high tech process has been perfected to allow for a tough, chip resistant finish that will last for the lifetime of the lure.

The TrueImage™ line is available in both the natural baitfish style, where the image applied over a painted blade, as well as the “Flash-back” series, designed for clear water applications, where the image is applied over nickel or gold blades. Now available in Willowleaf blades and the muskie sized

Another exclusive product you will not find elsewhere… Coming soon – TrueImage™ spoons and Colorado blades! Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wooden Lure Kits

Ready to Paint Wooden Lure Kits

Wooden lure kits are a great way to create your own fishing lures by painting them your self in your favorite colors.

Now you can have the fun of making your own 5 hook topwater lures! This lure body is the same dimensions of the old Heddon 150 Minnow. Hand lathed Eastern Red Cedar lure body is 3.75 inches long.   #5 props are 1.5 inches long, five #4 treble hooks, and all other hardware included. Two hooks are attached on each side of the lure body and one on the rear of the lure. Eye holes for 5/16 inch 3 D molded plastic eyes, eye screw holes, and  holes for screw eye grommets are pre drilled. Have the enjoyment of making your own wooden top water lure and you only need to do the painting with your favorite fish catching color/pattern.

All of the hard work of making a popper lure has been done with the ready to paint kits.
Hand lathed Eastern Red Cedar lure body is 2.5 inches long.   #7 prop is 1 inch long. Two #4 treble hooks, and all other hardware included. One hook is attached on bottom of the lure body and one on the rear of the lure. Eye holes for 5/16 inch 3D molded eyes, eye screw holes, and hook hanger holes pre drilled.  This lure has the double fishing catching sound of the popper plus the prop on the rear. Have the enjoyment of making your own wooden top water lure and you only need to do the painting with your favorite fish catching color/pattern.
If you need additional lures parts here is the best source I know of:                         LurePartsOnline

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Build Your Own Inline Spinner Bait Kits

DIY Inline Spinner Bait Kits

Everything you need to build your own top quality willow and french spinners. Components included are wire forms, beads, lure bodies, spinner blades, stickers, clevises, split rings, trebles and hook tubing. Components come in handy plastic box. Will make 10 spinners

ON SALE now at Lure Parts Online for $12.99. Under the  Catagories list click on "Lure Buidling Kits" for this and many more lure making kits.  Have fun making your own spinners baits while saving a lot of money.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Paint Your Own Popper Bass Lures

Paint your own custom colors with these popular unpainted popper bodies. These lure bodies come with loud, fish attracting rattles included. These are high quality plastic lure bodies comparable in size and shape to many of the expensive painted popper lures on the market that sell for $10 to $15 each.

These unpainted plastic lure bodies are 2.5 inches long and weigh about 1/4 oz. when completely rigged. They have recessed eye holes that will accept 1/4 inch diameter eyes.  #2 split rings with #4 or #6  treble hooks are the ideal size for this size lure.

Lure Parts Online is the best source for these unpainted plastic popper bodies.You can also find all the lure making components you may need there including lure paints, hooks, split rings, and beautiful 3D lure eyes. In addition, they have thousands of other items to assist you with the fun hobby of making your own fishing lures of all kinds.

The above pictures are some examples of  colors you can paint or you can choose to go with any of your favorite or old standby colors/patterns.

To find the unpainted popper bodies once you are on the LurePartsOnline site just find "Crankbaits/Minnow Bodies" under the Categories list of items. There you will find many kinds of lure bodies including the unpainted ones.

Have the fun of painting your own bass poppers and save a lot of money at the same time.
Good  Fishing!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Your Own Bass Rigs & Lures

For the price of a couple of new lures this book will give you step-by-step instruction on putting together over 30 rigs and lures. Plus you get instructions on presentation, retrieval and all the basics of bass fishing. You’ll save the cost of this book in one fishing trip.Bass Rigs & Lures is a 60 page book in pdf format that you can download right now, Here’s what you get:

The basic rigs
All the rigs you’ve ever heard about, all in one place. The Texas Rig, the Carolina Rig, the Drop Shot Rig and others.

Plus over 30 new rigs and variations on old ones.
Ever hear of the Backward Texas Jerk, the Texas Whiskers Rig or the Skirted Worm Rig? Probably not, because they’re presented here for the first time anywhere. And the bass haven’t heard of them either, and that’s key! 

The basic knots
Step by step instructions and full color illustrations on tying the few simple knots you’ll need to put the rigs and lures together. The Palomar Knot, Barrel Knot, and Blood Knot, plus the Clinch Knot and its variations.

The basic hooks, lines and sinkers
What they look like, how to get them and how to use them in your rigs and lures for smooth, tangle-free fishing and fast, sure hook-sets.

Casting and presentation tips. 
The Texas Rig and the Carolina Rig, as you probably know, are cast differently, presented to the fish differently and retrieved differently. You’ll find tips and pointers on fishing these and every other rig and lure in the book.

Over 90 links to the parts you may need.
If you don’t have a particular hook or sinker in your tackle 
box, just click on the links and you’ll go directly to what you need.

Why do new lures flash onto the fishing scene, work like magic for a while and then fade into oblivion?
Thanks in part to the success of catch-and-release, bass get the opportunity to see the same lures again and again, especially on heavily fished lakes. Over time, they learn to avoid the lures they see most often – the most popular 

A researcher who agrees with this theory is Dr. Keith Jones, Director of Research at the Berkley Fish Research Center in Spirit Lake, Iowa. In his book, “Knowing Bass, The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish,” Dr. Jones states, “The results show that under some circumstances, bass can remember lures for at least up to three months and perhaps much, much longer. Who knows? If the experience is bad enough, they might never forget.”
His research suggests that one way to overcome this shyness on the part of the bass is to show them lures they haven’t seen before. One way to do that is to buy all the hot new lures as soon as the come out and race your fishing buddies to the lake. But with lures costing several bucks a pop, there’s an obvious downside to that.
Another way is to devise your own rigs and lures from stuff that you already have. And that’s what Bass Rigs and Lures you can make from stuff in your tackle box” is all about – showing the bass something different.

How is this book different from 99% of other fishing books?
Most other books describe in tedious detail how technique can improve your chances of catching fish. Or give instructions on tying a hundred knots when all you need is three or four. Or have an entire chapter devoted to one type of lure.

Bass Rigs & Lures gives you just what you need to know on all of the above – no more, no less. AND over 30 rigs and lures that are proven to catch fish. PLUS over 90 links to the parts and pieces you may need to put them together. Bass Rigs and Lures contains over 60 pages of full color illustrations, instructions and tips.

"Bass Rigs & Lures" is only $12 and here is where you can get more details on how to purchase.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fishing Lure Making Supplies

Your Complete Source For
Fishing Lure Making Supplies
Whether you are a "newbie" just starting a hobby of lure making or a seasoned lure maker, Lure Parts Online is the place for you.

Lure Parts Online  pride themselves in offering an unparalleled selection of lure building supplies. With over 12,000 different items in stock you'll find everything you need to build top quality fishing lures! 

Whether you are trying to save money or looking to build premium tackle,they carry it all, including many hard-to-find items simply not available elsewhere. 

Tournament anglers will love their extensive selection of top-of-the-line products. Products like Gamakatsu hooks, bulk plastics, genuine 24k gold plated blades and Titanium wire. Products that will help you win tournaments.

Add to this their commitment to customer satisfaction and our 100% guarantee and you have a winning combination that's hard to beat. We invite you to browse through their site and see the line up of quality lure components for yourself.

In addition to lure components you will also find some great books and DVD's on lure making and lures like the one below.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

SpinTech Treble Hooks

The World's First Rotating Treble Hook - the result of years of extensive research and engineering. The SpinTech Treble Hook reduces the chances of losing fish that spit out the hook. When hooked, fish are known to fight aggressively, subjecting the lure and hook through a lot of stress.

Typical treble hooks attached to lures suffer limited range in angular rotation. In effect, they lock up in multiple positions and experience unnecessary leverage and torque that pry hooks out of fish’s mouths. SpinTech’s unique ability to rotate infinitely in either direction eliminates the locking problem completely. SpinTech hooks reposition themselves with the changing momentum of struggling fish. Simply put, SpinTech improves positive hook set and provides more fluid control over fish, no matter how hard they fight.

SpinTech Treble hooks are constructed with the line tie pin dropping directly down the center of the treble hook, so they remain balanced on any lure or bait and promote maximum performance. They are available in both freshwater and saltwater versions, and in standard or red finishes.

Size 2,1,1/0,2/0,3/0 - 4 per pack

Size 4 - 5 per pack

Size 6 - 5 per pack

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20

The Sweet Beaver 4.20 is quickly becoming touring pros favorite flipping bait. It catches fish from coast to coast year around. This lure is extremely effective fished alone or on the back of a jig. The tail of the sweet beaver produces a pinching motion similiar to a crawfish making this bait irresistable. The Sweet Beaver is a compact bait with a big bite. 10 Count Bag.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods

Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods

Extending Handle System allows for balance and Ergonomic Enhancement, extends up to 3" 

36 Ton graphite construction for a light weight and increased sensitivity 
One piece double anodized aluminum screw down creates a secure connection with the reel 
High density EVA handles are more durable and comfortable 
Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts create a lightweight, balanced rod design 
Texas-rigged hook keeper for all bait applications 

Spro Fat John 60 Crankbait

Spro Fat John 60 Crankbait

New For This Year
The SPRO Fat John was designed by BASS Elite Series Pro John Crews to be the best shallow running square bill style crankbait on the market. The SPRO Fat John comes with two premium Gamakatsu size #3 trebles, and it comes in 8 fish catching colors. The SPRO Fat John also has a soft tungsten weight transfer for extra long casting just like the other baits in the SPRO Little John family of lures. The SPRO Fat John features a computer chip bill which not only gives the SPRO Fat John a unique action, but also lets the angler feel for what the bait is doing on the other end of the line. Try one today! Dives 1-3 feet. 5/8oz, 2.4” long.

Spro BBZ-1 Jr Swimbait

Spro BBZ-1 Jr Swimbait

The Bill Seimantel Series BBZ-1 Jr. is a slightly more compact version of the original BBZ-1 Trout that was designed by the world-renowned swim bait expert bill Siemantel. These ultra realistic swim baits are built on the same principle as the original that has been so successful.

Floater: Floats - 2 oz 
Slow Sink: Falls 1 ft per 3 seconds - 2-1/4 oz 
Fast Sink: Falls 2 ft per second - 2-1/2 oz

Wanted: Diawa Dead or Alive Swimbait

Diawa Dead or Alive Swimbait

Action of the double-jointed wooden body imitates a mortally injured, side-swimming baitfish, an easy target for large predatory gamefish. Also features spinner buzz blade tail for extra vibration and splash, heavy-duty super sharp hooks and realistic 3-D eyes. Side-Mounted Diving Bill: Gives side swimming action to imitate a mortally injured baitfish. The Dead or Alive Swimbait is available in a 5 inch and 6 inch long floating model.