Sunday, January 7, 2007

88 And Still Going!!!

Update; January 4, 2010.
It has been three years since I first made this post and I am happy to add this update that my friend Sam is still here and still going strong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sam!!! Sam is now 91 and doing well.

I am running a little late with this post with the busy Christmas season but it is still not too late to post a birthday tribute to my good friend and fishing partner; Sam. On December 22 Sam turned 88 years young and his love for bass fishing is still matched by his energy to pursue them. Guess what he did to celebrate his 88th birthday; you guessed it , he went fishing as he does almost everyday of the week summer and winter. Sam has the same love of top water fishing for bass that I do; but still keeps up the chase all winter long. I have posted a picture of Sam with a nice bass he caught last summer using his favorite top water lure; Sam's Favorite. This is one of the lures I make and Sam liked it so much I named it after him. It has the age old popping sound and action and just like Sam; it still catches bass. Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wintertime Blues

When winter arrives and largemouth bass retreat to the depths; avid top water bass fishermen sometimes have a hard time adjusting. In my younger days I would put away the rods and pick up the rifle and shotgun in November to wait until the bass hit the shallows again in the spring. As the hills I used to climb chasing deer seem to be taller and steeper now; I spend more time in pursuit of bass. Winter time bass fishing may not have the action of bass busting a lure on the surface; but action can be hot nonetheless. There are a variety of methods I use to catch bass at various depths in the cold weather months; but drop shotting has been productive for the last month . I am fishing for big bass in heavy cover so I am not "finesse" fishing. I rig a 6 inch Zoom lizard on 15 lb. test line with a 1/2 oz. weight 10 inches below the lizard. Most of my action is coming on the bottom at 25 to 40 feet in cover. The key I have found is fishing really slow and stay in the structure. In my case it is rock structure on the bottom. Hey, it is not the same as top water action that will be here in a couple months, but it can be a lot of fun when you get in them.Hey, fellow top water lovers, find another way to catch them in the winter. A new spring and top water action will be here before we know it. I caught the bass in the picture on a frosty morning in late December. Drop shotting is not the same as top water action, but it provides some action till the water warms up. Give it a try!!