Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Catch Fish

You can Learn How to Catch More Fish
Have you ever noticed that of the weekend fishermen that hit the lakes and streams there are about 10% of them that consistently catch about 90% of the fish being caught? Usually it is the same group in the 10% that go home with fish for supper and the same remaining 90% goes home empty handed.
Sure, some days you are just going to be lucky and catch fish like you know what you are doing. You may think you have it figured out and then come home empty handed your next trip out.
The truth is that every day you go you are dealing with a different set of challenges. On any given body of water it is like a different lake each time you go during the year.The change of seasons, changes in water levels, changes in water temperatures, moon phases,and many other factors effect whether or not fish will bite and even what they my prefer to bite.
There are really only two ways you can learn the hundreds of the pieces in the puzzle on how to improve your odds each and every time you go fishing . One is to devote the many years needed of trial and error til you figure out the pieces of the puzzle. Second is to learn it from a mentor. It can be your dad, grandad, or any other experienced angler willing to spend the time with you to teach you.This same mentoring can be in the form of a training course of some kind like books, DVD, and seminars.
In the link below are assembled some of the best training materials available that will help make you a better fisherman.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Building a Rattle Chamber in a Wooden Fishing Lure

Please give me a little over 6 minutes of your time and I will show you how to make possibly the loudest rattle chamber in a wooden fishing lure that you have ever heard.
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pro Lures

Your Complete Source For Custom Fishing Lures and
Thousands of Lure Making Parts

Pro Lures Online is America's 1 choice for top of the line,tournament grade,American made custom lures and is now open for business.

At  Pro Lures Online they pride themselves in offering high quality tournament grade fishing lures. Their vision is to be the first choice of anglers when they realize the need for outstanding Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Buzzbaits, Crankbaits and other top of the line fishing supplies. They not only use what they build and sell, they have confidence in it!

Their Mission is to Provide customers with the finest lures possible and to build a lure exactly to your own specifications.

They carry many hard-to-find items from only the best vendors located throughout the United States, simply not available elsewhere. Tournament anglers will love their  selection of top of the line products.

Add to this their commitment to customer satisfaction and our 100% guarantee and you have a winning combination that's hard to beat. They invite you to browse through their site and see their line up of quality lures for yourself.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fishing Lure Making Tools

If you are going to make your own fishing lures there are two main groups of items you will need.

First, there are the lure making parts and there are literally thousands of different pieces available to lure makers. Secondly there are many various lure making  tools available for the lure maker.

There are many sources of fishing lure making parts but it is rare to find a supplier who has in stock all of the lure making parts and the lure making tools you may need.

Whether it is a wire forming tool for making spinner baits or a lead melting melting pot and Do-it Molds for pouring your  own jig heads; has it all for you.

There are fly tying kits for trout fishermen or for anyone interested in tying flies. There are available dozens of fly tying materials needed to make those fish catching flies.

For fishermen interested in lure kits; there are many kinds available.  
Once your lures are done there is even various kinds of lure packaging available.    
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