Friday, October 7, 2011

True Image-Life Like Spinner Blades

TrueImage™ - Most life-like blades ever!!

The TrueImage™ era is here! – Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further. Boasting the most life-like fish patterns available to date, these top of the line blades are intended for the most demanding
anglers. Actual photographs of fish have been transferred to the lures, ensuring they are an identical replica of the real thing. The high tech process has been perfected to allow for a tough, chip resistant finish that will last for the lifetime of the lure.

The TrueImage™ line is available in both the natural baitfish style, where the image applied over a painted blade, as well as the “Flash-back” series, designed for clear water applications, where the image is applied over nickel or gold blades. Now available in Willowleaf blades and the muskie sized

Another exclusive product you will not find elsewhere… Coming soon – TrueImage™ spoons and Colorado blades! Stay tuned.