Monday, June 25, 2007

Extra Special Memorial Day

Memorial Day each year is a special day of remembrance for those great Americans who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.
Memorial Day 2007 was a day that my son and I will remember for another reason as well; we had a fantastic morning fishing for bass. The top water action was hot and my son caught the biggest bass of his lifetime. By some standards his trophy may not be the biggest bass; but at 5 lb.7oz. it gave both of us the thrill of our lives.
Another thing that made catching this bass special was the lure he caught the bass on and the history of the lure. The lure was a Taberu popper (Sunrise Tackle) that I make and it is my son's favorite lure. Soon after I gave him the lure a couple years ago we were fishing and he broke the lure off on a tree limb about 15 feet above the water level. I went back a few days later with the long pool sweep pole from our swimming pool and retrieved the lure.
Every year in the future I will think of America's fallen heroes on Memorial Day. I will also remember the special day of bass fishing with my son when he caught a trophy bass.